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Should doubt high drift over my love for thee
grey gloomy cloud, disconsolate, strong reign
bleak darkened frown, portend deep misery,
hide hearts resolve, beneath shadowed disdain.

Should you feel, sudden cold breath of gloom,
spate of fear, black scourge upon painted leaf,
quick cruelly fade love, grim in abject doom,
swift eclipse hopes hue, behind shaded grief.

And would unshakable faith, far be blown,
fiercely shook from loose grasp, once so near
wither sweet loves blossom, thus loss bemoan
newly dead splendor, once honored then hear:

Eternally damned shall I rove and cry
Tormented ever to seek how and why.


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We created the WORLD OF POETS website so that poets like you would have a caring, loving and fun environment where poetry can be shared and appreciated. We believe in honest, realistic feedback of poetry.

We encourage growth through a fair system of reviewing. We aspire to welcome members who are interested in being active participants in the site. We welcome poets of all abilities. We are poets learning from one another. We are challenged and we challenge others to be good poets. We express our thoughts and feelings by using different styles of poetry.

We strive to bring you the best in services; an excellent review process that will help to build confidence and your abilities as a poet; the ability to read the poetry of others and learn to construct your own professional reviews, thus helping you to build your own poetry skills in the process. The people on this site are wonderful, good-hearted poets that welcome all with enthusiasm and any assistance that you may need. Come join our family and watch your talent as a poet grow to new heights. The door is open, come join the family!We are building a new institution for poetry writing , for our own creativity and for our education to be aware and honest reviewers.

Through reading the work of others we reflect on how their words have affected us. Through reading others’ comments we reflect on how our words have influenced them. We are a learning site that teaches by each of us giving and receiving constructive critiques, encouraging each of us to create and become more proficient in our writing. We have mentors and wonderful writers that give of their knowledge and support us in our endeavors…This, above all, is a safe site for even the greenest of writers (such as myself) because the encouragement I have received is worth more than I can say.

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