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One Final Poem For You, Dear Readers:

A Trance Of Love Is Beauty

What seems so very simple
is not so what it seems;
To complicate the matter
our lives are full of dreams.

Enthralling tours of wonder
cause feelings strong to grow;
Illusions cast long shadows
on paths which lead to woe.

The world is always lovely
so longs the heart at night;
Within the dream is shining
though distant is the light.

Hot passions tend to smolder
for those who hold them dear;
Longing will always linger
so hearts do slowly tear.

Murals seen imbued within
in love so strong the zeal;
Such scenes painted so deeply
dread time will seek to steal.

Desire's fruit sweet ripens
love's nectar to be found;
But dead to earth it's falling
and makes no thoughtful sound.

To taste the fruit of Eros
resolve with joy it flies;
Cold doubt blunts the purpose
with winter's breath it dies.

When two lovers are loving
then souls they can be free;
Stormy minds tend to becloud
sure paths one once could see.

Love songs play a melody
sublime heard in a dream;
Though softly sure it whispers
foreign can seem its theme.

A trance of love is beauty
and stunning in its hue;
Always an angst in moments
when taken out of view.

Places for peaceful knowing
keep true the soul at peace;
Paths fade in somber travels
so lost souls tend to cease.

So the quest for loves reward
pursued throughout all time;
No matter words not knowing
'tis found within the rhyme.

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Should doubt high drift over my love for thee
grey gloomy cloud, disconsolate, strong reign
bleak darkened frown, portend deep misery,
hide hearts resolve, beneath shadowed disdain.

Should you feel, sudden cold breath of gloom,
spate of fear, black scourge upon painted leaf,
quick cruelly fade love, grim in abject doom,
swift eclipse hopes hue, behind shaded grief.

And would unshakable faith, far be blown,
fiercely shook from loose grasp, once so near
wither sweet loves blossom, thus loss bemoan
newly dead splendor, once honored then hear:

Eternally damned shall I rove and cry
Tormented ever to seek how and why.

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Away This Blight

Sadness of Gaïa

hotly blinding your tearful gaze
this solemn haunting eulogy plays
deep in your heart staunchly stays

echoing empty in the soul it plays
circles lonely at my feet and bays
it shadows darker more dreary days

corrodes the mind in so many ways
rots the soul until my hope decays
you terribly trap me within a maze

a simple stroke of pen makes right
forever casts cruel hatreds might
so into depths from which it came
then only dreams and smiles remain

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Shelly Beach - night

Image by dazza17 - DJ via Flickr

warm wind
humid heat
setting sun
loves meet

colored clouds
sparkling skies
mauve moon
love sighs

hopes heart
solemn souls
deep depths
love grows

ragged reefs
barren beaches
smooth sands
love teaches

bold beauty
mellow mind
witty woman
love rhyme.

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Yet in solemn winter, beauty must end
And the singing of birds sure fade away,
No longer in thick leaves to sit and lend
A joyous tune to the children who play;
So all the color from the world does fade
Throughout the land into one sullen hue,
Thus under the snow sweet flora is laid
The color and splendor taken from view;
Grasped so swiftly, and shaken to death
All that is lovely and warm on this earth,
By the abject rue of cold winter’s breath
Still truly I say there still is much mirth:
For in my heart true, I sing soft and coo,
Thankful refrains of this joy that is you.

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Breakfast Of Champions

If a diamond is forever, then
love is the San Francisco treat.
Just a little dab’ll do ya
so be all that you can be.

It’s the cheesiest, so just do it
you can have it your way.
So reach out and touch someone
it’s the best part of waking up.

And, like a good neighbor, there’s
love and no more tears.
Once you pop, you can’t stop for
nobody does it like Sara Lee.

She lets her fingers do the walking
promise her anything, but give her love.
She’s come a long way baby
and brings good things to life.

But when it rains, I see it pours
and I deserve a break today.
For a mind is a terrible thing to waste
does she…or doesn’t she?

Her love is good to the last drop
so don’t treat your puppy like a dog!
Celebrate the moments of your life,
And don’t leave home without them.

I fly her friendly skies, they’re great
and I can have it my own way.
Keeps going, and going, and going
She is the pause that refreshes.

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking
nothing comes between me and my girl.
She tastes great though her love is less filling
i can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

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We created the WORLD OF POETS website so that poets like you would have a caring, loving and fun environment where poetry can be shared and appreciated. We believe in honest, realistic feedback of poetry.

We encourage growth through a fair system of reviewing. We aspire to welcome members who are interested in being active participants in the site. We welcome poets of all abilities. We are poets learning from one another. We are challenged and we challenge others to be good poets. We express our thoughts and feelings by using different styles of poetry.

We strive to bring you the best in services; an excellent review process that will help to build confidence and your abilities as a poet; the ability to read the poetry of others and learn to construct your own professional reviews, thus helping you to build your own poetry skills in the process. The people on this site are wonderful, good-hearted poets that welcome all with enthusiasm and any assistance that you may need. Come join our family and watch your talent as a poet grow to new heights. The door is open, come join the family!We are building a new institution for poetry writing , for our own creativity and for our education to be aware and honest reviewers.

Through reading the work of others we reflect on how their words have affected us. Through reading others’ comments we reflect on how our words have influenced them. We are a learning site that teaches by each of us giving and receiving constructive critiques, encouraging each of us to create and become more proficient in our writing. We have mentors and wonderful writers that give of their knowledge and support us in our endeavors…This, above all, is a safe site for even the greenest of writers (such as myself) because the encouragement I have received is worth more than I can say.

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